• BDO Advantage - Data Analysis Different

BDO Advantage - Data Analysis Different

06 March 2018

Today's business regardless of the industry or location, becomes increasingly digital-centric. Companies accumulate a great amount of data in their systems, but the data becomes valuable only if we present and analyze them in such a way that they actually bring benefits. Therefore, as we facing the high market demand, we offer our customers a comprehensive analysis of financial and not only financial data,  in various sections and aspects, providing them with an attractive visualization form for the user. Today, we can do this effectively using the BDO Data Analysis Tool - BDO Advantage.

The benefits of BDO Advantage were first remarked during the audit work. As we already assured, this is a tool that makes the audit process more efficient - it allows you to notice more important places for audit, and significantly reduces the number of transactions that need to be checked in more detail manually. Our auditors can analyse more data, more quickly as part of our industry leading audit process, so they can spend more time communicating with clients, presenting the necessary issues, or discussing the risks found at an early stage in the data analysis.

In addition, automated tools are appealing to the new generation of professionals who "live" on smartphones.

Comprehensive analysis ensures a deep understanding of your business and activities, allows to offer effective business management solutions and compare your data with other businesses in your industry, thus assessing where you can improve your competitive performance. Using the BDO Advantage tool can also conveniently monitor the system's internal controls, identify weaknesses, and thus make decisions that reduce the risk of inadequate control, or even prevent losses due to deliberate fraudulent actions by the employees of the company.

To find out more about how BDO Advantage can help your business make effective decisions, contact Raimonda Jankauskienė, Advisory Partner.

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