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Public sector

Lithuanian public sector is not yet sufficiently developed and effectively formed. The sector "movement" forward in Lithuania is proceeding slowly, but changes are inevitable. In this perspective, BDO offers its expertise and international experience in the implementation of new initiatives and addressing the issues and challenges.

BDO European public sector partnership was established on February 2014 and the strategic plan for the implementation of the EU's major client (BDO EU DESK) was signed. BDO size and the the number of offices throughout Europe, professional skills and invaluable experience in the public sector - are essential skills that are relevant to the participation in the EU public sector activities.

BDO Lithuania has 5 years of experience in advising public sector in implementing accounting and financial reporting standards in Republic of Lithuania municipalities.

Experience gained in close cooperation with the Ministry of Municipal centralized accounting, centralized budgetary institutions accounting and finance budget departments, advising on issues related to public sector accounting and financial reporting standards for application installation “My Lobster“ accounting system.