• Business Services & Outsourcing

BDO team offers professional and quick solutions for your business in tax and accounting areas. We are responsible and flexible, adhere to our commitments and aim to create added value to our clients. Our accounting and tax professionals have many years of experience in working and extending knowledge on various industry sectors, local and international environment. We offer:

  • According to the company's primary documents, if required – we make adjustments, control, that all the financial and economic operations related to Company are recorded in a timely basis and correctly, and according to that financial reports would be prepared, calculated taxes and payments to the budget;
  • According to the established requirements, we control that the data of accounting and reporting is correct and prepared on timely basis to all outside institutions and the Company's management;
  • During the agreement period, we participate and provide explanations to the State Tax Inspectorate, when it performs the review of the company's financial activities.
  • More detailed scope of the services is individually discussed on the moment of composing the agreement for service.